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Brandon Bergman - E​.​T​.​X. (Kerosyn's Rebooted Edition)

from by Kerosyn



A song finished in less than 24 hours! While I do like the song and I had fun making this remix, it was done in a day. ONE DAY. Take from that what you will, because I think that says a lot of things about a lot of things.

Done for Brandon Bergman's Remix contest down at EDM District. Partly for the fun of it, but mostly because I wanted to put my own little spin on it. As a matter of fact, three of them.


from The Archive, track released July 7, 2014
Part of Brandon Bergman's 'E.T.X.' remix contest.
...Which seems to have died before it was a thing.


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I'm Kit Foster, I'm an Electronic Music producer, Graphic artist, Avid gamer, Story writer, Game designer, Motorsport enthusiast and Professional procrastinator. Actually, I'm probably more things, but I don't remember what they might be.

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