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Basemath - Underground (Kerosyn's Ruined version)

from by Kerosyn



I did this in twelve hours. I don't even know what I was trying to do, but this happened, so I guess it exists now. If there's a genre for this, please, do enlighten me. I have enough trouble keeping track of subgenres as it is, I can't begin to imagine what this is.

Every single thing that isn't a taiko drum sample or one of two samples from the original, is a distorted pulse wave. REALLY distorted. I mean, I know I've said this before, but IT'S A LOT OF DISTORTION MAN! Over 200 instances of Ohmicide for the melodic parts alone! I even used automation clips, and I never do that!

This is also my messiest project of all time. Nothing got renamed, nothing got grouped, the mixer slots were completely random, the automation clips were all over the place, the patterns were a collection of random crap that fit together just right, so on and so forth. Apparently, I work best that way... how else would I do something in twelve hours with no real plan or idea to follow?


from The Archive, track released April 21, 2015
The original by Basemath himself:

Yes, I did really use THAT image as the cover. Why not?


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